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Top 5 things to do in Cebu

Kawasan Falls, Badian Cebu1. Kawasan Falls (Badian, Cebu)

Situated 130 kilometres southwest of Cebu City, approximately a three hour bus ride, the Kawasan Falls are located in the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. Featuring a number of natural, spring water, falls this is a truly beautiful and peaceful attraction.

The first of the waterfalls is reached after a 1 ½ kilometre uphill walk past souvenir shops.  This is the largest of the waterfalls and can often be quite crowded.  After a further walk of around 15 minutes the second of the waterfalls is reached, and after that there are further waterfalls. 

There are many local eateries on route where you can stop for refreshments and if you’re planning a long day you may want to set out with a pre-prepared picnic.  Picnic tables can be rented for around 500php, along with rafts and life vests for those who wish to get closer to the waterfalls.

Another tip is to ensure that you pack a torch for the journey back down, as the route can get dark very quickly.

Hotels nearby include: Savedra Dive Resort



 Magellan's Cross, Cebu City2. Magellan’s Cross (Cebu City)

Megellan’s Cross is a famous and historical artefact in Cebu City.  This wooden cross is believed to have been erected by the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, in April 1521, as a mark of both his, and the Christian religion, arrival in the Philippines.

The original cross, which is nearly 500 years old, is described as now being housed within another cross, to protect it from devotees and pilgrims who, attaching miraculous powers to it, began chipping pieces off to take home.  Some believe, however, that the original cross was lost after Magellan’s death or destroyed and the casing is to hide the loss of this significant artefact.

This cross is housed in a chapel next to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño on Magallanes Street, just in front of the city center of Cebu City

Nearby include:-

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Mango Park Hotel http://www.gocebu.travel/Mango_Park

West Gorordo Hotel http://www.gocebu.travel/West_Gorordo_Hotel


Whale Shark Watching, Oslob, Cebu3. Whale Shark Watching (Tan-awan, Cebu)

Over the years this attraction has been gaining in notoriety and popularity.  There are around 13-15 Whale Sharks who regularly swim in the area and who have taken to following the local fishing boats.  Indeed, many of the fisherman who have earned their livelihood from these waters for years, feed the Whale Sharks shrimp by hand.

Taking a three hour bus ride from Cebu City Terminal to Tan-awan in Oslob, approximately 156php, ask the bus driver to drop you at the Barangay Hall.  The entrance to the resort, is just down from Barangay Hall, and has a blue gate and a sign outside that says ‘Whale Shark Watching; The Ultimate Experience with the “Gentle Giants”.  The resort fee is approximately 100php and, if you want to get closer to the Whales, there is a 200php charge per person for a boat, which is hired for 40 minutes. Snorkel and flippers can also be hired.

Before heading out you are given some guidance about how to behave around these beautiful creatures, including not touching them but to allow them to approach freely.  For those who are not easily intimidated you are able to swim in the ocean but again must follow the clearly given guidance, to ensure your presence does not have a negative impact on the Whales. 

The local fishermen have become the natural custodians of the Whale Sharks and are developing policies and practices to ensure that people continue to have the opportunity to visit the Sharks whilst ensuring their protection and preservation.


4. SkyWalk Adventure Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, 35-38 Floor

This is an adventure for those who have no fear of heights!

Skywalk Adventure, Cebu CityThe Edge Coaster is a hair-raising ride around the outside of the Crown Regency Hotel & Tower. Participants are strapped in to a Rail Seat, level with the 38th floor and 130.84 meters above ground, which includes a lever allowing you to tip the seat up to 55 degrees … you may want to discuss this with the person you’re sharing with first, particularly if you have a fear of heights

Cliff Hanger is the world’s first climbing wall to be situated on a roof top and just 7 feet from the edge of the building.  If this isn’t enough to terrify you, half way up (about 13 feet) the wall angles forward, hiding the tower beneath and giving the impression that you are dangling from the wall directly over the street, 473 feet below.

Skywalk Adventure, CebuThe Skywalk Extreme Adventure allows you to walk around on translucent glass flooring, but don’t fear; you are strapped in to a harness which is fixed to the outer rim of the building, on the 37th Floor, a mere 126.55 meters above the street.

The Sky Observatory on the 38th floor is open during the day and evening and features coin operated telescopes; 10php for 3 minutes. For those who like to keep their feet firmly on the ground but who also want to take in the spectacular views this is an ideal option.

The rates for the various adventures can be found at the official website:-



5. Diving

Cebu has some fantastic places for diving, catering to both beginners and experienced divers and offering coral gardens, reefs, wrecks and caves as well as the opportunity to dive with Rays and Sharks.

The beautiful area of Moalboal really is a must for divers to visit and for those who have always promised themselves that they will learn to dive, with PADI, DSAT & SSI dive courses offered by dive resorts.

Savedra Dive Resort has bungalows facing the sea with veranda’s practically hanging over the sea wall. 

To book at this resort:-  http://www.gocebu.travel/Savedra_Dive_Resort